• The Tempe Diablos’ mission is to enhance the community of Tempe. This is accomplished by providing leadership and resources that create worthwhile opportunities, especially for our youth. The commitment of the Diablos is to focus their efforts toward projects that make a significant contribution to the community while allowing for enjoyable experiences for the members.

    Diablos' Vision Statement

    To be the pre-eminent civic organization for the stewardship of impactful programs benefiting youth, education and the entire Tempe community.

    Core Values

    Total commitment by the members who are dedicated to the success of our mission.

    Strong integrity is demonstrated by honoring agreements and promises.

    Leadership for Tempe is provided to improve the welfare of the community and its citizens.

    Esprit de Corps is evidenced by the closeness of the members and their families.

    Positive relationships are maintained by treating all with honesty, trust, and respect.