• In the late 60’s a baseball stadium, much more modest than the one that now sits in its place, was built alongside I-10 near 48th Street & Broadway. It was built with the idea that it would get lots of use, be an asset to the community and maybe even become the spring training home of a MLB team. The stadium was no sooner built than some Tempe movers, shakers and entrepreneurial individuals envisioned a real opportunity in a fast growing Cactus League and decided to go after landing an MLB team.  About that time MLB was expanding and the Seattle Pilots were about to be born.  So the Tempe Chamber of Commerce got involved and they all set out to bring the Seattle Pilots to Tempe and become part of the Cactus League.

    The Pilots agreed to come to Tempe with one stipulation:  that a special events committee be formed to coordinate, manage and host the Cactus League activities at the stadium.  And with that, the Tempe Diablos were formed as a special events committee of the Tempe Chamber of Commerce.  The group began with a nucleus of 12 guys and quickly grew to close to 30.

    Along with the coordinating of stadium activities and the shuffling of teams in and out, the Diablos quickly expanded their scope of involvement in the community taking on various other fund raising activities including the first Casino Capers in 1973.

    In the middle of all of that in 1971, the club was approached by another group of movers & shakers about a brand new bowl game they were creating called the Fiesta Bowl and, since this new bowl game was going to be played in Tempe and its mission was to provide the greatest hospitality of any bowl game in the country, they saw the Diablos as the perfect group to perform that role.  The Diablos jumped at the opportunity, got to work,never looked back and played a big part in building the Fiesta Bowl into what it is today.

    In recent years when the Fiesta Bowl moved to Glendale, we joined the effort to bring the Insight Bowl (which is now the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl) to Tempe and our intent is to help build that bowl into a top bowl game as well.  We believe we’re well on our way toward accomplishing that goal.

    As we moved into the late 70s and early 80s, we refined and transformed our mission in the community by dedicating ourselves more and more to youth and educational programs.  This began with the Diablo Scholarship program in 1977 which has now grown into an over $200,000 per year commitment.

    We then established elaborate recognition programs for teaching excellence on both the elementary and high school levels.  These programs have achieved enormous success in the community and we’ve now expanded this educational outreach into highly effective tutoring programs and preschools.

    Today the Diablos are known throughout Tempe for its long history of improving our community by our inspired dedication and hard work.