The 35th Annual


An exemplary teacher dedicated to the mission of educational excellence who exhibits the
following qualities:

  • Is an overall outstanding educator who students demonstrate high achievement.
  • Strong integrity.
  • Leadership qualities.
  • Positive relationships with students, staff, and community which reflect honesty, trust, and respect.
Eligibility: Teachers
Nominator Eligibility: District Administration, Principals & Assistant Principals

Excellence in Education Awards


A Classified employee who:

  • Has a positive impact on student achievement or behavior.
  • Has consistently positive interactions with staff and students, which supports the overall mission of the school/district.

Eligibility: Classified Employees
Nominator Eligibility: District Employees and Parents


Any District employee or volunteer who impacts student learning through:

  • Inspiring and motivating through the giving of time, talent and skills.
  • Being an individual whose positive actions and outlook lead others to be honored to work with them each day.
Eligibility: Any District Employee or Volunteer
Nominator Eligibility: Any District Employee, Student or Parent


A new teacher with three years or less of service in the district who:

  • Demonstrates high student achievement.
  • Is innovative.
  • Is inspirational.
Eligibility: A Teacher with three or less years in the District
Nominator Eligibility: Principals, Assistant Principals, District Staff or Department Chairs


Any district employee who demonstrates uncompromising leadership traits, values and skills

  • Leading in a confident manner.
  • Inspiring those they work with every day to reach their highest potential.
  • Engaging all those they work with every day.

Eligibility: Any District Employee
Nominator Eligibility: Any District Employee


An individual with a minimum of 15 years of service in the district who:

  • Has created/led programs that are innovative.
  • Has created/led programs that are inspirational to students.
  • Has enhanced student achievement throughout their career.
  • Has shown outstanding leadership in mentoring other educators.
  • Has positively involved their school community in the successful life of the school/district.
  • Has actively participated in professional organizations to enhance the quality of teaching and learning.
  • Is a distinguished example to others of excellence in the field of education.
Eligibility: Certified Employees and Administrators
Nominator Eligibility: All District Employees


Any district employee who makes a difference in the daily lives of students through:

  • Contributing to student success.
  • Helping with extra activities, for example, tutoring or coaching.
  • Demonstrating concern for students through their interaction with them.
  • Engaging students, parents, and community leaders to improve student success.
  • Having a truly positive influence on those around them.
Eligibility: Any District Employee
Nominator Eligibility: Any District Employee, Student or Parent

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