• For over 20 years the Tempe Diablos have been involved in promoting excellence among Tempe's top high school students.

    This thrust began when three very prominent Diablos had a vision to establish a scholarship program for Tempe students with the belief that, given the right students, many of them would stay in Tempe and become its future leaders.

    So they started with $60,000, and went after the best and the brightest students in Tempe.  33 years later the dream of those three visionary Diablos has grown to where the Diablos have awarded over 1200 scholarships in the amount of over $5,000,000 and are now funding more than $240,000 a year in ASU scholarships to students from the Tempe Union High School District.

    The Tempe Diablos provide scholarships to qualified, well-rounded students who demonstrate excellence in the classroom, and who show extracurricular involvement in their school and/or community. Applicants should show strong leadership abilities, communication skills, and financial need.

    The Diablos’ general scholarship program provides numerous scholarships each year to qualified students to attend Arizona State University or a Maricopa County Community College. The requirements and process for applying for a Diablo scholarship vary based on various factors and criteria, and those are set forth in the information pages and application forms available through the computer links below.

    • If a student HAS already applied to ASU, the student should click on the link below entitled “Already Applied to ASU” for instructions on applying for a Diablo scholarship.
    • If a student plans on attending a Maricopa County Community College, the student should click on the link below entitled “Maricopa County Community Colleges” for instructions on applying for a Diablo scholarship.

    The deadline for submission of all applications this academic-year is Saturday, January 18th, 2020.


    Maricopa County Community Colleges