• The Diablos engage in several events and activities each year, a few of which benefit from the involvement of non-Diablo Volunteers. We encourage our Scholarship Recipients as well as interested community members to assist us in our efforts to volunteer at one or more of the Diablo events/activities.  

    Spring Training:

    We provide and manage all of the Volunteers to support Spring Training Baseball featuring the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim playing at Tempe Diablo Stadium. We use about 60 Volunteers per game and the season is generally comprised of about 16 home games. We use Volunteers to Usher, take Tickets and assist in the Parking Lots. We require that a Volunteer work in a minimum of 7 games. You will receive a hat, shirt, light jacket and get lunch each game day. These jobs require that you be in reasonable physical condition because a lot of standing and walking can be involved. A “game day” starts about 10:30 AM and goes until the end of the game, generally 3:30 to 4:00 PM, during the month of March.